A base from which to develop capacity.

Building, designing, managing and executing on process and programmes to enable systemic youth development
by incorporating an employee learn-to-earn model. Hosted and resourced through 12 month
skills impact funding programmes.

Learner & Intern Hosting Services

As part of the GIC Integrate services, GIC through its network partners, offers training providers an end to end hosting service to satisfy the workplace practice requirements included in an NQF qualification.

This service is aimed at building, designing, and executing on impactful learner/ Intern exposure through connecting learner/ Intern s to a managed host site. GIC currently as access to a number of host sites nationally, across various industries.

Services include:

  • Host site vetting
  • Recruitment and learner/ Intern –site-matching
  • Learner/ Intern site orientation
  • Site reporting to training provider
  • Attendance
  • Performance in practice
  • Learner/ Intern site discipline management (referral to company of record)
  • Psychosocial support
  • Personal Development
  • Learner/ Intern workforce integration

Benefits to Training Providers

  • Improved transformation impact outcomes to company of record
  • Learner/ Intern tracking and monitoring
  • Authentic sustainable skills development impact
  • Support on non-core/ offsite activity
  • Learner/ Intern retention

Benefits to Learner/ Intern

  • Authentic development opportunities
  • Supported integration into the world of work
  • Access to real job opportunities
  • Personal development

Benefits to Host Site

  • Learner/ Intern resources that can support business objectives whilst learning
  • Right of first refusal to employ learner/ Intern s post learner/ Intern ship
  • BB BEE spend benefit on cost outside of the learner/ Intern ship theory and stipends