People-Centered Approach.

Central to the people-centered approach of GIC is our GIC Cares offering. GIC Cares places the wellbeing central
to the success of the organization and or development outcome. Wellbeing as a vehicle support individuals participating in
and leaders to a system to be the best version of themselves thereby increasing the impact and sustainability of and business or learning activity. The benefits of a well-structured wellbeing program has no boundaries and act as a multiplier
that can impact individuals, organizations and communities.

GIC Cares

GIC is an accredited partner with a experienced wellness platform and our offering is to bring to market a cost-effective digital counseling service, with access to a trained professional for you and your family.

We have an Instant Messaging Call Centre available from Sunday to Thursday which allows users to access text-based professional help during dedicated hours.

The offering includes an online resource center:

  • A Health & Wellness website with extensive information, rich articles on social issues for prevention, self-help, and get-help section
  • Online quiz aim to inform and educate
  • The software is created to deal with trauma or addiction over a longer-term
  • Access to group self-mastery training and mentoring
  • Referral to a psychologist in your area for face to face counseling (excluded from offering)
  • A job search engine that can be activated

GIC is also able to deliver on solutions around:

  • Individual wellbeing in the workplace. Including coaching and monitoring
  • Team development
  • Leadership development
  • Various training solutions

As GIC we understand business and individual development needs
and have a solution to support both individuals and organizations
in need of emotional and psychological support and a tool to assist
in creating a safe and healthy environment.

To read more follow the link to the Wellness Platform.