Accelerating inclusive economic growth.

Implementing smart strategies that will support Government, Corporates, SMME and NPOs coordinate sustained
skills development solutions. This requires accelerating inclusive economic growth through exponential innovation
in human capacity development for business.

SMMEs and NPOs

Business Development Support

  • Restructuring of business model
  • Optimised go-to-market strategy
  • Contract staff, labour legislative guidance etc.
  • Developing key metrics for success to inform areas requiring operational change
  • End-to-end skills development needs managed aligned to SD requirements and sustainability processes of the NGO

Investors, Corporates and Donors

Coordinate and align transformation and CSI investment
agendas toward scorecard SROI optimisation.

Guidance on how to spend skills dev budget . GIC manages end to end process of retaining individual on a contractual or permanent basis.

Data-driven risk management strategies for short, medium
and long-term investments.