Earn credibility through sustainability.

GIC Skills Xchange platform connects candidates with development opportunities offering investors and
corporates systemic learner management data. Aimed at informing short, medium and long-term investments,
risk considerations and optimal M & E functionality.


Training Provider Solution

A centralised database of learners with demographics,
disability, gender.

LMS objective and centralised to view learner progression.

Learners become visible and can be tracked during training process LMS.

Encourages Training providers to earn credibility through sustainability.

Deployment platform allow to view long-term learner employability and training effectivenes.

Sourcing and presenting of accredited training
material from most SETAs.

Investors, Corporates and Donors

Proof of quality of training:

Data for comparison of sustainability / effectiveness of training solution by Training provider in question.

M&E of the sustainability and impact of corporate learnership training  interventions. – Immediate reports on demand.

Proof of (ROI) employability of the skill after training:

A 360’ view to monitor individual career progress
providing evidence of quality interventions measured
in relevant employable skills.


Short, medium and long-term evaluation of ROI and impact enables a gap analysis.- SED/ ESD and SD investment spend aligned with ROI and SROI opportunities.