GIC adopts an Integrated holistic approach to Development, Consulting and Impact Monitoring & Evaluation. Our objective is to align solutions to authentic impact that meets our clients social investment and corporate governance needs.

              In South Africa a percentage of annual corporate payroll needs to go to individuals seeking development opportunities . Through the course of their journey, many people moving through the system never leave the system. At GIC we believe that meeting this demand is a longer-term imperative to be addressed holistically , rather than annualized or one-dimensional.


Who are we ?

GIC Rooted in family and inclusivity has been structured as a 100% black owned, 75% female and 50% youth owned organization.  An EME certificate can be presented on request.

GIC Impact is not so much a company as it is a collection
of aligned individuals and partners who share a deep
passion for development as a multiplier and vehicle
for empowered transformation.

As a collective, the professional network of GIC has
worked extensively in the design, implementation,
and management of:

  • Skills Development and Personal Mastery Programs
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Systems
  • Community-based Social Development Initiatives
  • Leadership Development
  • Recruitment
  • And additional complementary fields

Members of the GIC team and network hold qualifications in skills development, human resources, psychology,
trauma management, and BB-BEE; they have expertise in strategy development, grassroots projects; and
youth-centered initiatives and have held senior and executive positions in corporate and social development

With our partners, we are committed to developing, facilitating, and managing solutions that not only meet our clients’ financial, legislative, and BB-BEE requirements but that deliver long-term value to their businesses.

We recognize that development is a journey and requires a multi-dimensional approach. Central to our purpose is Care. Care, that ensures the person behind a job function or intervention is not forgotten in the process.

What do we do ?

GIC adopts an integrated approach to human development,
transformation consulting, and impact monitoring & evaluation. We connect with partners that are relevant to the changing socio-economic world we live in and take an inclusive solution approach. In response to this significant time of change, we have created solutions around people’s empowerment in the workplace and places of learning.

It is our view that the invisible impact of the COVID 19 pandemic will remain for generations to come and will have a direct impact on human development. As GIC we believe ignoring this real impact on our psychosocial structures will be costly on many levels manifesting well into the future.

Why GIC ?

We are:

  • Person-centered
  • Focused on the essential symbiotic growth between people and businesses
  • Where individual potential matched with future skills is a key metric of success
  • Where the holistic development pathway is sacred
  • Where development is a multiplier and vehicle of transformation
  • Where the real impact is measured in the hands of the individual
  • Where inclusive stakeholder strategies are applied- the whole is greater than the sum of its part

Member Of

GIC is an accredited partner
with an experienced wellness
platform and our offering is to
bring to market a cost-effective
digital counseling service.

Implementing smart
strategies that will support
Government, Corporates,
SMME and NPOs coordinate
sustained skills development

GIC Skills Xchange platform
connects candidates with
development opportunities
offering investors and
corporates systemic
learner management data.

Building, designing, and executing on process
and programmes to enable
systemic youth development by incorporating an employee
learn-to-earn model.